HI! I’m Patty Lynn Wyatt

Picture Brady Bunch, and you can capture an image of my family and how I grew up.

I was #6, the doted on – baby of the bunch.

My dad was a cop and my mom was all things ‘child development’.

My dad worked two jobs, always hustling to make money so we wouldn’t have to drink powdered milk.  His friends called him the junk man. Going to auctions on Tuesday night, buying old used items, cleaning and painting the pieces, then selling at park-and-swap.

This is where I learned, we all have junk, it’s up to you – to unpack it, dig deep, find the gold, polish it up, and make it shine!

He would say, “there’s a fortune to be made-treasures are everywhere, you just need a little elbow grease.”

I used that philosophy to get my degrees in education and psychology, then onto training pilots and flight attendants in the corporate world.

Just a little more

Something clicked in my journey of life. I valued freedom. I could change courses. I began asking powerful questions:

What if I took my talents, experience and passion and learned how to make money with the things I love to do? I could become a Passion-Preneur!

  • I love showing people how to monetize their God-given skills and gifts.
  • I love helping people change the chatter and negative habits.
  • I love helping people shine. It stirs my soul.
  • I love trail-hiking and kayaking.  
  • I love being home with my family. 
  • I love adventure, traveling and amazing journeys.

The Gargantua question?

How do I take all these things I love and monetize them?

Let me show you how! I can’t wait to meet you!